Risk management


Any activity is associated with a certain degree of risk. Our company will help you set the risks to an acceptable level so that they do not threaten you and are under control. We offer a methodological introduction to our clients in the field of risk management in the company, setting it into the existing structure, training of management and responsible staff for each risk. The risk management process is very sophisticated and complex. For system solutions we also offer special software “Global Risk” and ” Risk Control”. These are products for the risk management of companies of different type, size, structure, sectoral focus, as it has a universal platform with the possibility of high variability of the final user of the form. The application is used to record, calculate, evaluate, solve and monitor all risks which interfere the company, or may meet with them.

By applying a “Risk Management”, we offer you a system for risk management of all organizational units of the company, the assets and liabilities management of the company while maximizing your profits to an appropriate level of risk, limiting risk to acceptable level in accordance with business, a control and monitoring of the implementation of tasks, support the management in meeting the objectives, prevents surprises, protects the assets and image of the company, reduces costs, promotes an innovative management culture, it is the base for accurate Corporate Governance, increases the probability of success of the company and the yield of shareholders, it links an existing information flows into a single unit, guides the profitability in relation to the newly set strategy risk, removes an unidentifiable and anonymous risks, assigns of the owner and the responsible person of the risk. It provides uniform reporting, connections with quality managers, controllers and auditors.