Ing. Marek Mádl

Marek has considerable professional expertise in evaluating business partners and debtors. Starting at the back office, he moved from the bank’s credit department to risk management in the corporate area. Marek is a credit risk specialist who assesses proposals for adequate collaterals (exchange bills and real estate) together with the creditworthiness of customers (based on balance sheets, profit and loss statements, etc.) In addition, Marek analyses credit processes, assets and liability management processes , develops proposals for internal methodologies for client risk classification. In addition, Marek Mádl provides services in the field of financial planning and modelling. He deals with the valuation of companies, shares and prepared business transactions. He designs appropriate business models to provide support for fulfilling medium and short-term business plans.  As a risk manager, Marek is responsible for adhering to the approval process, for evaluating and recommending credit limits for relevant business partners, and for smooth cooperation with control department.

Mr Mádl offers his support mainly by taking care of the entire portfolio in terms of failure, its structure and the identification of risks in each sector. He performs evaluations to conclude the effectiveness of portfolio risk management.