Do not be afraid to penetrate into Germany and Switzerland, we will help you to treat the risks.

Cooperation of the Swiss and Czech company is focused on consulting in the field of mediation export to Switzerland and Germany.

We provide our customers support of the international trade, upstream and downstream of financial services and risk management related to export financing, foreign investment and international transactions, including insurance of export projects and investments in SRN and Switzerland.

We offer and provide customers with all products and services in the preparation, setup, safeguarding and subsequent implementation of international trade. Traditional and strong cooperation of teams Mikova Systems GmbH & Argeus, s. r. o. provides a comprehensive process of settlement of individual export cases and international investment, especially for small and medium businesses in the areas listed below:

  • Export of goods, technologies
  • Automotive and means of transport
  • Food industry
  • Engineering
  • Electrical industry
  • Construction industry
  • Glass industry
  • and other sectors

Our services and products are also intended for large export-oriented companies, which need very specific services for export transactions and investments and so far, they did not succeed in the expected extent in the countries of the Federal republic of Germany and the Swiss federation.


What can we offer you? Examples of services for you.


A.) Assistance in your expansion to Switzerland or the Federal Republic of Germany:

Information about a particular market: customer structure, customer network, competitors, their economical results, offers and portfolio of products and services.Information about the business environment: government incentives, regulations, laws, institutions, specific provisions or export – import issues.

Assistance in the establishment of company/branch: Communication with authorities, notary offices or a bank, assistance in finding specific locations and in concluding contracts.
Help with the recruitment of local management and staff.
Accounting, tax advice and audit through our workers or cooperating companies.
Intellectual property protection.
Mediation of conflict with foreign business partners or suppliers, incl. alert to cultural differences or differences in commercial practice.

B.) Assistance with the representation of your company in the countries concerned:

The service “virtual office” that is the work of the secretariat, including mail-order activities, without the need to own foreign staff.
Interim management, i.e. management of the enterprise in the transitional period, for example, shortly after the establishment of the foreign branch during business transformation or strategic change or in the meantime, after the sudden departure of the CEO without a successor. Represented in local chambers of Commerce and interest groups.
Assistance with the organization of promotion or participation in fairs.


C.) Assistance in harmonizing activities in the countries concerned:

Training for management and staff: Training courses and workshops directly in the workplace, possibly associated with language courses in terminology.
Assistance with cellular unification of quality standards or adaptation to local requirements/specifications.
Creating an international corporate knowledge database and / or a full-company academy.
Assistance in the construction of effective pan-corporate HR, including mentoring, performance evaluation system, incentive system, etc.

D.) Assistance with the further development of the company in the countries concerned:

Strategic management.
Innovative management, incl. opportunities to mediate cooperation with reputable research centers and institutes in Switzerland.
Change management: ambitious interdisciplinary projects running simultaneously through the entire organizational structure and through many or all corporate departments.
Process management and Quality Management. Assistance with the introduction or deepening of application of kaizen, total quality management, Lean Six Sigma etc.
In-house campaigns.


We will be happy to answer any questions via the email below and arrange a personal meeting